Perth teen sent home after LSD fit

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A teenage boy who was put on life support in an induced coma after taking hallucinogens with three other student boarders in Perth has been discharged from hospital.


The four City Beach Residential College boarders, aged 16 and 17 and all from regional areas, were rushed to hospital in the early hours of Sunday after taking what appeared to be synthetic LSD.

Education Department director general Sharyn O’Neill said a duty supervisor rushed to one of the accommodation units after hearing shouting, and found one boy convulsing and the other teenagers highly distressed and agitated.

The boy who was convulsing was placed on life support and was discharged from hospital on Monday.

The other three teens have been sent home.

Ms O’Neill said the duty supervisor responded swiftly and there was nothing to suggest that proper processes weren’t followed.

“They understood that this was fairly serious,” she told Fairfax Radio.

“It’s a pretty shocking and upsetting incident for all concerned.”

The 15-year-old boy who allegedly sold the drugs and was not a boarder at the college has been charged with three counts of selling a prohibited drug, one count of possessing cannabis and one count of possessing prohibited paraphernalia.

He is due to appear in the Perth Children’s Court on March 28.

Ms O’Neill said the teens were “good kids by and large, doing the right thing generally but in this case not”.

Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia’s Paul Dillon said there had been a tremendous surge in the use of naturally occurring and synthetic hallucinogens.

He said paper-based synthetic LSD was flooding into Australia because it couldn’t be detected by Customs dogs.

Young people favoured the drug because it was cheap and couldn’t be detected by police dogs, Mr Dillon said.

“Keep away from this stuff,” said anti-drugs campaigner Rodney Bridge, whose son Preston died in February last year after he fell from a hotel balcony having taken synthetic LSD.

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