Moto X comes to Aus, minus customisation

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The world’s most customisable smartphone, Motorola’s Moto X, is coming to Australia this month – minus the customisation options.


The phone, designed and built in tandem with Google, Motorola’s owner, will be available from $549.

When the phone launched in the United States in August, its major innovation was neither hardware nor software, but rather cosmetics. Using an online service called Moto Makr, buyers could fine-tune the look of the device, choosing everything from the colour of the casing and power button to a personalised message on the back.

Australians have no such luck, being limited to traditional offerings in black and white.

A Motorola representative confirmed there is no timeline for introducing the Moto Makr service in Australia.

The phones, which for US customers are assembled in Fort Worth, Texas within four days of being ordered, will for Australians be assembled in Asia.

Moto X was the first smartphone entirely designed at Motorola in the period after Google acquired the company in May 2012.

Google has since offloaded Motorola, however, announcing in January a $US2.91 billion ($A3.25 billion) sale to China’s Lenovo.

The phone has a 4.7-inch screen and two cameras capable of high-definition video at 1060p. The back camera takes photos in 10 megapixels; the front in two megapixels.

With a curved edge, thickness ranges from 0.55cm on the edges to about 1cm in the middle. That makes the middle part thicker than most phones, but it’s designed to fit more naturally in a user’s palm.

In terms of software, the phone advances hands-free use. It relies on Google Now, the virtual assistant that retrieves information when a user speaks into the phone.

But while other phones require a user to press something to activate voice control, the Moto X requires a user simply to say, “OK, Google Now.”

Motorola did not provide a release date, but said it would be available some time in March.

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